International Sports Studies

Vol 37 No. 1 (2015)

Journal of the International Society for
Comparative Physical Education and Sport
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Physical fitness levels of a selected sample of Kenyan children from 10-14: a comparison with a representative German sample
Ivonne Panchyrz, Janina Krell-Rösch, Vincent Onywera, & Klaus Bös

Injuries and sport injuries among Argentinian students aged 13-15 years
Hamdi Abdi, Hafsa A. Abdirahman, & Kathryn H. Jacobsen

Rejection, association, diversity: sport in the combined associated schools of New South Wales
Peter Horton, & Steve Georgakis

Prevailing somatotypes and their contribution to motor coordination abilities among the students of the physical education college
Aman Khasawneh


The global quality physical education and sport project
Walter Ho