The Power of Myth, or on the Meanders of Historical Writing. A History of Historiography on Jews in Poznania in the Period of Partitioned Poland

Krzysztof A. Makowski

ISBN 978-3-8325-5704-1
576 pages, year of publication: 2023
price: 69.00 €
This monograph presents a critical analysis of the body of historical writing on the history of the Jewish population in Poznania in the era of the Prussian rule (1772-1918 ), including the identification and verification of the attendant myths and stereotypes. The interest in the Polish edition of this book was considerable. Similarly noticeable was the academic response to the title, despite its ostensibly local subject matter. While this study was also noticed abroad, the language barrier has severely impeded its impact. This prompted the author to work towards the English edition of this book, hoping it would find its way into global academic circulation. Some changes and additions were made in the English version. It includes an updated survey of scholarship on this subject of the past twenty years, a response to reviews engaging with the Polish edition, and some general reflections on the evolution of historiography in the recent years.

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  • Historiography
  • Jews
  • Myths and Stereotypes
  • Poznania
  • Polish
  • German
  • Jewish relations


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