The Idea of Historiosophy in August Cieszkowski's Early Writing

Krystian Pawlaczyk

ISBN 978-3-8325-5318-0
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The Idea of Historiosophy in August Cieszkowski's Early Writing
``The problem of desubstantialistic thinking about history raised by Krystian Pawlaczyk appears as a proposition of `philosophy of deeds' in the light of August Cieszkowski's answer presented and interpreted in the book. Philosophy, that may be classified as voluntaristic spiritualism opposed to panlogism of Hegel and his epigones, including the materialists of Hegelian Left.

Reintepretation of the problem of desubstantialization also reveals the figure of Cieszkowski himself, showing him as a precursor of civilizational progress of nations through the cessation of armed conflicts and aiming at planet-wide socialization, which was supposed to find its climax of ethic-social development in Universal Tribunalization of Nations as well as Council of Mankind. Thus, the book by Pawlaczyk appears extremely valuable not only due to the historiosophic synthesis of Cieszkowski, but also to its intellectual and social influence. Both aspects give us a perfect deciphering clue to the works and life of the Polish philosopher, and, therefore, enable proper formation of humanity and social responsibility of any reader – either of the abovementioned works or this thesis.'' Prof. Jacek Aleksander Prokopski, PhD

``The Author of the book accomplished something rather remarkable, considering the vast literature on Cieszkowski's thought. He did not write yet another contribution to the latter but undertook the effort of a new reading of this peculiar historiosophy. Moreover, in this work, he aims to reflect on a certain understanding of history, which determines the context of the historical issue in the newest times that have undermined our conviction of living in `posthistory.' The Author indicates this peculiar, let us name it `post-Hegelian,' understanding in Cieszkowski's Prolegomena to Historiosophy and defines it as `desubstantialization' of history.'' Prof. Marek N. Jakubowski, PhD

Krystian Pawlaczyk (1989) – philosopher, graduate of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań; interested in philosophy of history, Polish and German philosophy, postsecular thought, and the connections between philosophical and theological reflections.

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  • Polish Nineteenth-century Philosophy
  • German Idealism
  • Postsecularism
  • Hegel
  • Historical Process


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