Recommended New Releases

Mathematical Physics I:
Dynamical Systems and Classical Mechanics

Matteo Petrera

264 pages, December 2013
29.80 EUR

Down and out - or free at last? Causes and effects of early exit/retirement in the Nordic countries

Jensen, Øverbye (Eds.)

113 pages, September 2013
38,00 EUR

Current Issues in Contemporary Comparative Physical Education and Sport

Saunders et al. (Eds.)

200 pages, October 2013
36,00 EUR

Evolutions of Form

Luigi Russo (Ed.)

240 pages, November 2013
39,00 EUR

Marcel Odenbach - Anthology of Texts and Videos

S. Kacunko, Y. Spielman (Eds.)

286 pages, incl. DVD, November 2013
49,00 EUR

The American Art Cinema, 1965-2005. Reconsideration and Review

Robert Cardullo

387 pages, September 2013
29,80 EUR

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